In the mid 1980s, Conros introduced North Americans to the glue stick.  At that time, the glue stick was made by Ross Adhesives, a small glue company struggling to compete against major manufacturers like Elmer’s.  Though the glue stick was widely popular in Europe, it was not yet a household product in North America because major manufacturers dismissed its potential believing that consumers would resist new methods.

Seeing potential in the glue stick, Conros acquired Ross adhesives. Conros seeded the market by selling standard bottles of liquid white glue with a glue stick packaged on the side. The Ross “Kangaroo Pack” was welcomed by stationery shoppers, and the glue stick quickly became a household product.

Later innovations such as the Purple Disappearing glue stick saw additional retail success, while new products like glitter, paints, and arts and crafts supplies added depth to the company’s entire portfolio. In 2000, Ross Adhesives was divested to Elmer’s Products, Inc.

Also in 2000, Conros aligned its capabilities with LePage’s Inc., a 130-year-old manufacturer and distributor of stationery tapes and mailing supplies. Under Conros, LePage’s was renamed LePage’s 2000 and has been reenergized as a successful and innovative distributor of consumer products. Beyond the basic stationery tape assortment, the total LePage’s 2000 portfolio expanded to a broader range of products, including: packaging tapes, a complete assortment of mailing and shipping supplies (bubble mailers, bubble cushion, and corrugated boxes), hardware tapes (masking and duct) and sticky notes. Additionally, LePage’s has partnered with Pitney Bowes, the technology provider for our Mail & Go™ postal kiosk.  Today, LePage’s 2000 brings a total assortment of office supplies as a single vendor capable of fully servicing its partnering retailers. For more information on LePage’s, click here. 

In 2005, Conros acquired Gould Inc., a mailing supplies company. This acquisition added depth to our total capabilities, increasing our distribution network and introducing a mailing and shipping category to the Seal-It® line. The Seal-It® lineup now consists of packaging and hardware tapes, mailers, mailing boxes, the Bandit® tapegun, Palmguard™ dispenser, mailing tapes, stationery tapes in Press ‘N Cut® dispensers, and more. To visit the Seal-It website, follow the link.